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Exhibition CAAM - Los Balcones 11. Plantas 0 y 1

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Rosângela Rennó Everything that doesn’t show in the images

Since 12 June 2014 to 21 September 2014

Rosângela Rennó (Belo Horizonte, 1962) is an essential figure among the Latin American artists of the 90’s that emerged from Brazil into the international sphere. Since then, her discourse has stayed loyal to the true interests of her work, particularly with respect to means of representation, cultural and postcolonial studies and their ways of representation.

Rennó has been living and working in Rio de Janeiro for years. She has always resorted to files as the first place to look for the material –documents– that she can use both in a representational level –photography, film– and in more textual and historical levels. For the artist, these are elements of the utmost importance. Documents, either personal or as an image of the social world, let Rennó play with new associations among the stories we have been told in order to question them or pore over the several formats they present.

Rosângela RennóThis project is exhibited under the title Rosângela Rennó. Todo aquello que no está en las imágenes (Everything that doesn’t show in the images) and represents a conceptual tour throughout the work of this Brazilian artist. Although Rennó has taken part in several group exhibitions held in Spain –such as Cocido y Crudo (Cooked and Raw), Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía, 1994; Transatlántico, CAAM, 1998; El final del eclipse (The End of the Eclipse), Fundación Telefónica, 2001, or Modelos para Armar (Model Kits), MUSAC, 2010– as well as in solo exhibitions in different galleries, this is the first time that a big individual exhibition is organized for her in a museum of the Spanish State.

The plot thread of his survey is a series of works marked by the experience of absence: it is the phantasmagorical and the invisible that hint at the missing information. All the works exhibited use file research as a link between the visual discourse and its subsequent materialization in the work itself. This exhibition reflects Rennó’s work throughout twenty five years. One of its key aspects is her research when it comes to making a thorough study on the concept of disclosing, not only as regards the photographic developing and the production and imagery attached to it, but also regarding the concept of image construction –as seen from the standpoint of the postcolonial postulates both within the Brazilian context and other contexts as well–.

In this sense, the exhibition shows a conceptual line that links some essential works in Rennó’s career from the nineties until today. An example of this is the installation Realismo Fantástico (Fantastic Realism), 1991-1994, where «ghosts» appear on the museum walls; also the video Vera Cruz, 2000, which deals with the impossibility of a document of the past, or her work 2005 – 510117385 – 5, 2008-2009, the subject of which is the stealing of photographic documents. Besides, there’s a series of installations that result from months of research in collaboration with the museum El Museo Canario for this exhibition. Rosângela Rennó also exhibits four new projects about language and representation, which are conceptually related to the previous works. These new productions reflect her research on a collection of busts and skulls in El Museo Canario, as well as an approach to the Guanche culture and its language forms. In summary, three installations are held here: one, on the walls of the museum; the second one is an audioinstallation, and the third one, on the ground floor, shows the material found in the research. The artist’s fourth project is an ad-hoc publication.

Finally, the exhibition focuses also on Rennó’s relationship with memory; with the image that opens out, abrades, hides and splits. The original format is then changed into videos, sculptures, new photos or vinyl records on the wall. The basic question that arises is about the destiny of these images, which also makes the viewers wonder about their phantasmagoric quality after their use and re-naming. This way, the exhibition reflects the research and makes us think about the moments, people, historical events, relationships, etc, shown by these images and this work. Rennó’s art talks to us about much more than the readily apparent… it reminds us of everything that is missing, or rather invisible, in these images.

Artist Rosângela Rennó

Exhibition title: Everything that doesn’t show in the images
Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio
Dates: 12.06.2014 to 21.09.2014
Place: CAAM - Los Balcones 11. Plantas 0 y 1
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain.

The room staff is available to visitors for any questions or information regarding exposure