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Exhibition CAAM - San Antonio Abad

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Yapci Ramos Know Us

Since 14 March 2019 to 7 July 2019

Through an autobiographically inflected process of research, Yapci Ramos (Tenerife, 1977) endeavours to come up with answersto questions concerning the construction of identity. In Know Us the artist engages the spectator in a formation of a common “us.” Why are we the way we are? What weight does family have over an individual? Is there such a thing as a subconscious trans-generational legacy? From this point of departure, Ramos sets out on a journey into her family album to try to unravel the keys to her own identity, but also the links between that identity and a legacy inherited from previous generations, from her geographic context and her sociocultural environment.

With that purpose in mind, she has made a selection of family photos which she compares, imitates and confronts in a process that, in turn, becomes a path towards self-knowledge. However, instead of answers, what she comes across are encounters and dialogues with the other. What resonates inside her are echoes from the past, those fragments of others which the artist attempts to reveal for herself in order to disentangle a narrative in which past and present are intertwined. Accordingly, Ramos’s work lays bare the complexity that underlies the configuration of one’s own identity, in this case in relation with the analogy of the family.

Yapci Ramos studied photography at Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts & Design in London and creative documentary at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Her work has been seen in exhibitions in galleries, art centres, art fairs and biennials in Spain and worldwide. She lives on the move between Barcelona, Tenerife and New York and other cities—in many cases in Africa—where she carries out most of her art projects. After a career in art of over twenty years, in 2018 she had her first ever solo show in the Canaries, Show Me (TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes), the first in a trilogy of exhibitions which concludes in 2019 with her projects Know Us, for Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno-CAAM, and Welcome Her in Casa África.

Yolanda Peralta Sierra





Wednesday, March 13th at 7p,m.
Activity organized exclusively for the collective Amig@s del CAAM..


Thursday, March 14th, at 8.30pm.
Activity for all audiences. After the opening of the exhibition at CAAM-San Antonio Abad, live music with DJ Hanky Panky in the patio of CAAM, Los Balcones 9. Heineken collaboration. Free admission.


Thursday, March 21st at 7pm.
Activity for all audiences. The artist and the curator present the exhibition to the public through a guided tour in the rooms of CAAM-San Antonio Abad. Cycle: 'Mediations. Artists and curators in dialogue. ' Free admission.


Friday, March 22nd at 8pm
Opening of the exhibition 'Welcome Her' by Yapci Ramos, at the headquarters of Casa África in the capital of Gran Canaria.

Exhibition title: Know Us
Curator: Yolanda Peralta
Dates: 14.03.2019 to 07.07.2019
Place: CAAM - San Antonio Abad
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain.